They adopted Echoline
and testify!

More than 400 companies and their 500 000 employees have been
convinced by ECHOLINE's innovative approach:


Echoline is considered by its users to be the regulatory monitoring tool the simplest.

This technical simplicity is possible thanks to everything that our users do not see in the application:

Customized deployment of monitoring by an expert
Personalizing intelligence with an algorithm
Task automation

So our users only have to focus on specific tasks that are easily accessible in the ECHOLINE application.

But simplicity is more than just the ease and intuitiveness of using the application. In fact, our users are not regulatory experts, so they highly appreciate the popularization of each text they read. This popularization is carried out by the ECHOLINE legal team which, thanks to its field experience, can translate regulations into a language that is understandable to all.

Sophie CAOUS
QHSE coordinator
France, Belgium & Spain
FLEXLINK-ECHOLINE, six years later, how's it going?
I've been using ECHOLINE since 2018, and it’s really simple. I can easily access my applicable texts, which are detailed in a way that everyone can understand. The breakdown done by the ECHOLINE legal team allows me to quickly identify the regulatory requirements that concern me. I only need to ask myself, "Am I compliant?" The ECHOLINE team is always responsive in helping me overcome any difficulties encountered in achieving compliance.
Anne-Laure MILHET
Environmental, Insurance, and Real Estate Manager
ECHOLINE has enabled me to implement a responsive regulatory monitoring system. The application allows me to track regulatory changes relevant to my company almost in real time. I receive email alerts about new texts, text modifications, and text repeals as they happen. Additionally, I receive a comprehensive, simplified monthly newsletter that helps me save time. Finally, if I have any questions, I can rely on the responsive assistance of the ECHOLINE legal team.

Specialized in regulatory monitoring since 2009, ECHOLINE has been developing robust deployment and update processes.

They guarantee the rapid deployment of highly personalized regulatory monitoring for any organization.

Once deployed, user regulatory monitoring is updated as regulatory publications are published, maintaining an ultra-precise level of customization. This is thanks to the experience of our teams and our innovative products.

Legal popularization

The ECHOLINE legal team is as close as possible to the problems Of businesses

Each member has a portfolio of customers and is in daily contact with users:

HSE animators
CSR managers
Maintenance technicians
Site director...

This proximity to the operational staff of companies and their problems allows ECHOLINE to offer an experience that makes regulatory texts and the understanding of their content accessible. Thanks to popularization and, from time to time, support, users know exactly what they should implement and respect.

Morgane MOREL
QSE and CSR Manager
GRUNDFOS-ECHOLINE, the Legal Decoder
Lost in the thousands of regulatory texts and legal jargon, I didn't keep up with my monitoring regularly. I approached my audits with anxiety. Since subscribing to ECHOLINE and using its application, I conduct my regulatory monitoring once a week very easily and quickly. The team has made the experience pleasant with a simple and functional interface. For example, I can access summaries of texts with one click and easily understand what is expected. And if I have a specific need, my dedicated advisor is available and responsive!
A team close to its users

Each ECHOLINE customer has a single point of contact, its dedicated referent.

If necessary, he does not waste time writing an email or contacting a switchboard, each customer has the direct telephone number of his referrer. The latter, in charge of deploying and monitoring regulatory monitoring, knows the specificities of each of its customers (activity, organization, equipment, projects, etc.).

In addition, for all your regulatory questions, the ECHOLINE team, made up of regulatory experts, is mobilized all week long to provide quick and concrete answers to the questions asked on the application chat.

IMS Manager
ARAYMOND-ECHOLINE, Two Organizations Coming Together
With the ECHOLINE application, I can easily find the applicable texts on various topics, all on a user-friendly and simple interface. The legal experts at ECHOLINE are always available via chat to provide me with quick, personalized, and high-quality responses.