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No one is supposed to ignore the law

We created the regulatory intelligence tool simplest

At Echoline, we believe that businesses should be able to be informed quickly and simply of any regulatory news that may impact their activities. With increasing legislative inflation having a considerable impact, our ambition is to re-empower businesses and organizations by changing the way they interact with regulations.

Echoline is therefore reinventing the way in which companies monitor and comply with regulations. Its users are not legal professionals, so it has developed a simple and intuitive application with simplified content in everyday language.

Our profession for almost 20 years


Dalila Watts creates the CRISTALE design office (ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 support, ICPE studies...)


Development of the “HSE regulatory monitoring” activity and creation of a first version of the Echoville® application


Tristan Watts, who joined the capital in 2014 and previously Sales Director, is appointed CEO


Echoline opens a new office in Paris and gets a new look: the visual identity and the application are completely revised in line with the new directions


The simpler and more efficient Echoline application replaces the historical Echoville® application, which is taken offline.


The KARNOV Group, based in Sweden, which has specialized in regulatory documentation for nearly a century, acquired ECHOLINE on October 1, 2021.


Birth of artificial intelligence Echoline


Acquisition de QSE Conseils et son application QSE Veille

We surround ourselves with Best

Magnus Svernlöv
Executive Board Member
Dalila Watts
Tristan Watts
Co-founder & CEO
Yann Lesueur
Chief of Staff
Sylvain Glaçon
Chief Technical Officer
Sébastien Bencherqui
Chief Operating Officer
Pauline Humily
Head of Internal Operations France
Gaylord Bolzinger
Head of External Operations

A committed company

Echoline is now the only regulatory monitoring provider in France to have an integrated management system (quality — safety — environment) certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

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