“Démystifier la veille réglementaire HSE” published on April 27th 2015 with AFNOR Editions and written by Dalila Watts, Echoline’s CEO, is the first french book dedicated to EHS regulatory monitoring

«Démystifier la veille réglementaire HSE » adresses all EHS managers, auditors, consultants as well as all companies willing to manage their regulatory compliance. After launching ECHOVEILLE®, a web-based app dedicated to EHS comformity assessment, Dalila Watts, CEO and founder of CRISTALE and ECHOLINE, goes further by aiming to simplify and make understandable to all concerned parties this topic often perceived as complicated by publishing this guide book « Démystifier la veille réglementaire HSE».

  In a regulatory context always more complicated and in the middle of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 revision, the development of an efficient regulatory monitoring solution becomes a strategic mission. To reach this goal, having at your disposal a collection of methods, means and tools is a precious asset for all quality, hygiene, and security managers, CEOs or auditors. From the neophyte to the EHS expert, everyone will find in the 180 pages of this guide book elements of help, tricks and concrete exemples resulting from a long experience on the field.

Démystifier la veille réglementaire HSE is available on the AFNOR store starting April 27th 2015 as well as all your favorite retailers starting May 21st 2015.