Compliance audit (Regulatory compliance assessment)

Your objectives

To receive help for the interpretation of your applicable regulatory texts in the field of environnement and health & safety at work

To have a conformity assessment that is proofed and confirmed by an external party with an experienced auditor

Our solution

ECHOLINE provides you with an on-site legal expert, specialist in the field of environnment and/or health & safety at work in order to help you structure your conformity assessment.

The mission consists in :

The assessment perimeter can be one text (REACH …), a theme (classified installations) or your whole list of applicable texts in the field of Environnement and Health & Safety at work.

What to expect with our service :

– the applicable/non-applicable requirements on the basis of the provided documentary elements and site caracteristics
– possible or confirmed non-compliant sources
– preferable audit focus

– conducting of an on-site compliance audit
– interview/conversation with different services (EHS, facilities management, HR,…)
– observation of the on-site activities
– observation of the company’s organization, verification of compulsory wall charts displays
– observation of the recordings (periodical inspections, registers, intervention vouchers,…)
– verification and évaluation of the compliance in regard to the identified texts and requirements

– presentation of the applicability and compliance results (yes, no or to check) for every single requirement
– if necessary, comments and documents will be added to requirements or texts.
– presentation of compliance statistics in graphic format

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